Day Without a Gay

Day Without a Gay

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On December 10th, we are supporting Day Without a Gay.
We are calling for a nationwide strike and economic boycott by all members of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered community AND OUR STRAIGHT ALLIES on December 10th, 2008, International Human Rights Day.


STRIKE: call in gay, shut down your business, or just take the day off.

BOYCOTT: don’t buy anything, spend money or support the economy.

PARTICIPATE: Volunteer and/or organize a protest in your area

Wake up for work on Wednesday December 10th… and call in GAY.
Go to the bank and take $80 out of your account… put it in your pocket and KEEP IT THERE.
Do not go get your morning latte
Do not purchase anything
Do not contribute to advertising revenue: Meaning, spend 24 hours of your life without TV & Internet
Do not use your cell phone, even if you have unlimited minutes
Instead, DO volunteer. Give to the community and reach out to those that don’t understand our community. Check your state page for local volunteer opportunities.
If you must spend, only do so at an LGBTQ owned establishment with an LGBTQ clientel
You have weeks to prepare, so go grocery shopping now.
VOLUNTEER. We are fighting for human rights, so let’s take a day to fight for the rights of those in need. Check your state page for local volunteer opportunities.

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Day Without a Gay

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