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Gay marriage gaining momentum in WA Legislature

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Gay marriage gaining momentum in WA Legislature

Eyewitness News

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The last time same-sex marriage was debated in the Washington state Legislature, lawmakers voted to ban it. Fourteen years later, the issue is before the Legislature once again after a multiyear effort that has incrementally increased rights to gay and lesbian couples in the state.

And this time around, it looks like Washington could very well become the seventh state plus the District of Columbia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Gay marriage has won the backing of several prominent Pacific Northwest businesses, including Microsoft Corp. and NIKE, Inc., and just this week a conservative Democrat who once opposed same-sex marriage said he will now vote for it.

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Gay marriage gaining momentum in WA Legislature

Questions I wrote the bigot Newt Gingrich

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Ids like to ask you a few questions, and your answers or no answer will be posted on my blog us immigration woes dot com.

I’d like to know why you hate gay people so much that you will not give us full gay marriage, OR FULL CIVIL UNIONS LIKE 23 OTHER COUNTRIES DO. Saying the bible tells me so is not an answer in the year 2012, there is something called separation of state and church. Do the words life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ring a bell?
I’D LIKE TO KNOW HOW YOU STAND ON IMMIGRATION REFORM, AND ADDING The uniting American families act into it, or making The uniting American families act into law?

Waiting for an answer?

Phillip Parker, Gay Tennessee Teen, Commits Suicide After Enduring Bullying

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Phillip Parker, Gay Tennessee Teen, Commits Suicide After Enduring Bullying

Stories like this really get me so pissed off and I blame the death of this poor kid on the CHURCH, the REPUBLICAN PARTY, and the stupid parent of kids that believe what the church says it the truth. Indirectly this is part of our battler for gay marriage, immigration reform, and a stronger hate crimes bill against gay people.
Go ahead and vote republican party, vote your rights away, go back in the closet, see how many more poor gay kids have to die because of you, go , go vote republican, believe the log cabin republicans. See how many gay families are broken up because the jack asses will not give us our full rights as citizens of this jerk water country. See what happens when you want to marry your gay partner, or you get the sh_t beat out of you and the police will not do anything. Ya vote Republican Party.

GO Write your congressman, write your senators, write the jerk water presidential candidates, you want your gay rights and you want them now!

A Tennessee teen’s parents claim that constant anti-gay bullying led their son to take his own life.

As WSMV is reporting, parents and grandparents found 14-year-old Phillip Parker’s body last Friday, along with a handwritten note in his trash can reading, “Please help me mom.” Family members say they had previously reported concerns about their son’s treatment to Gordonsville High School but to no avail.

“I should have knew something was wrong, but he seemed happy,” Philip’s mother Gena Parker told News Channel 5. “After he did what he did, we found out a lot that we didn’t know and there is a lot of bullying that goes on at the school.”

Added grandfather Paul Harris: “Because he was gay, he got mistreated physically, mentally by several people out there at the school, and I am very resentful as a result of it. After he did what he did, we found out a lot that we didn’t know and there is a lot of bullying that goes on at the school.”

Although numerous sources, including Towleroad, Queerty and Metro Weekly, are also reporting the story, an official cause of death does not appear to have been revealed.

The Tennessee Equality Project’s Upper Cumberland Committee will hold a candlelight vigil in Cookeville on Thursday, honoring Parker as well as other bullying victims, including Jacob Rogers, another teen who committed suicide last month.

Sadly, Parker’s case follows a spate of LGBT-related controversy in the state of Tennessee. In addition to Rogers, the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which would effectively prevent public elementary and middle schools from teaching or distributing material on human sexuality that deals with homosexuality in any way, gained traction once again, while the state’s senate Republicans have also proposed a change to the state’s anti-bullying law to exempt condemnations of homosexuality based on religion.

Need help? Visit The Trevor Project’s website or call them at 1-866-488-7386. In the U.S. you can also call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or visit

Phillip Parker, Gay Tennessee Teen, Commits Suicide After Enduring Bullying

Time to call yur NJ state reps, NJ Legislature to take up gay marriage bill

Monday, January 9th, 2012


Ok people in NJ it’s time to start calling your state reps and tell them you want gay marriage! You have to show the Republican Party that you want your rights to marry if you want to! Call go visit write!
Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature will reintroduce a gay marriage bill this week and have vowed to make same-sex unions a top priority two years after similar legislation was voted down.
Gov. Chris Christie has said previously that he doesn’t support gay marriage


Out of control Immigrations Mother: Texas teen deported to Colombia back in US

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

U.S. & World News
Mother: Texas teen deported to Colombia back in US

DALLAS — A Texas teenager who was deported to Colombia after claiming to be an illegal immigrant was back in the United States on Friday and at the center of an international mystery over how a minor could be sent to a country where she is not a citizen.The 15-year-old’s family has questioned why U.S. officials didn’t do more to verify her identity and say she is not fluent in Spanish and had no ties to Colombia. While many facts of the case involving Jakadrien Lorece Turner remain unclear, U.S. and Colombian officials have pointed fingers over who is responsible. Immigration experts say that while cases of mistaken identity are rare, people can slip through the cracks, especially if they don’t have legal help or family members working on their behalf.
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Its time has come and gone for the Immigration, and the way visa’s are given out, the American people are living in a fools dream if they think it’s being controlled by people that know what they are doing!

If you ever had any kind of dealing with immigration, or if you had any kind of dealing with an American embassy to get a visa this story wouldn’t be news to you at all. Point in case, when my husband tried to get a new student visa to this country Andy miller vic. Council of the American embassy in Malaysia didn’t want to hear anything even from an American citizen, , he didn’t do his job, just went by what his interviews who were none American said. He even kept on lying throw everything. Welcome to immigrations and welcome to trying to get a visa in this country!

Andy miller the truth will set you free! thinking of all the people he screwed

One of the head bigots Timothy Dolan

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Timothy Dolan anther bigot soon to be a cardinal. He controls the largest church in New York City, leader of more than 2 million New York Catholics. He wrote a letter to Obama against gay marriage.
By David Gibson
Religion News Service
NEW YORK (RNS) The nation’s top Catholic bishop issued a stern challenge to the Obama administration’s decision not to support a federal ban on gay marriage, and warned the president that his policies could “precipitate a national conflict between church and state of enormous proportions.”
In a letter sent Tuesday (Sept. 20), Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, who heads the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said he and other prelates have grown increasingly concerned since the administration announced last February that it would no longer defend the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act in court.
Isn’t it time that the church gets out of US policies and stop the bigot talk that they love to do because if they didn’t have anything to hate they wouldn’t have anything to preach against. Lets them stat paying taxes!

Occupy Borders (Bi National couples unite)

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Michael Roberts
My name is Michael Roberts. I am in a Bi-National relationship with a gentleman from Indonesia. We were legally married here in the USA in 2009.
Like so many other thousands of couples we are also looking to repeal DOMA. We currently have a Federal Court case pending in which we challenge DOMA as violating the due process and equal protection guarantees of the U.S. Constitution.
Our lawyers from… the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law are also considering filing a Class Action lawsuit early in the new year which could result in temporary legal status for all immigrants in binational same-sex marriages while the constitutionality of DOMA is sorted out by the courts, a process that could take several years. They have previously won this type of temporary legal status for hundreds of thousands of immigrants in other class action cases.
If you would be interested in joining our Class Action suit please contact me at If you are in touch with other bi-national married same-sex couples, please feel free to circulate this.
Michael Roberts

So yo still want to vote for the republian party

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Isn’t it funny when the republican candidates all say they are conservative that just send shivers down my back and it should with you to! Have you listened to that loser Michele Bachmann god is she anti everything. Ron Paul on gay marriage “For federal legal purposes the Defense of Marriage Act is proper and it takes care of all the problems. If you have to have rules and regulations, put it at the state level like the Constitution says.”
Newt Gingrich Urges Gays Not to Vote for Him, At a campaign stop in Iowa yesterday, Professional Republican Stereotype Newt Gingrich informed a gay Iowan that if he wants his homo-needs met, he’d be better off voting for President Obama in 2012. That’s right: a candidate for President used time on a campaign stop to explicitly tell someone not to vote for him. And the ongoing game of GOP Nomination Hot Potato continues. From

Cain missteps on foreign policy and gay marriage, This was his exchange on gay marriage:
MR. GREGORY: A couple more. Same-sex marriage. Would you seek a constitutional ban for same-sex marriage?
MR. CAIN: I wouldn’t seek a constitutional ban for same-sex marriage, but I am pro-traditional marriage.
MR. GREGORY: But you would let the states make up their own mind as they’re doing now?
MR. CAIN: They would make up their own minds, yes.

Mitt Romney pledges opposition to gay marriage, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has signed a pledge sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage promising to support a federal constitutional amendment “defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.” The pledge also includes promises to vigorously defend the Defense of Marriage Act in courts – something the Obama administration has decided not to do – and nominate Supreme Court and federal judges who “reject the idea our Founding Fathers inserted a right to gay marriage into our Constitution.”

So you still want to vote for the bigot party, the republican party, well my friends welcome back to the closest or do you plan on moving to Canada?